Wôlowôzi Health and Wellness Program

Image of hotline map for Vermont Mental Health Resources.

Help is available

Wôlowôzi  is an Abenaki phrase meaning “be very wel”l that is often used in closing a conversation between people. However, Wôlowôzi took on a new meaning when faced by COVID-19 Global pandemic, closures, and shortages.

VAAA began the program as an online campaign to help Vermonters during this pandemic to help promote social and mental wellness, celebrate positive changes in N’dakinna, share resources, and remind everyone to be kind.

Over time, Wôlowôzi has evolved into health equity

Wôlowôzi Accomplishments

·       Provided PPE to almost 280 Abenaki artists, Elders, and community members.

·       Launched a social media to share important news about protecting the community

·       Social media positivity campaign celebrating graduates and good news

·       Virtual meetups

·       Distributed over 780 COVID-19 testing kits to Native American community


Currently, the VAAA has coordinated with the state of Vermont to provide hotlines for use when help is needed.