Upcoming Artist Training

The following tutorials will be offered over the course of the next few months to help artists improve their digital skills:

Zoom for Native American Artists (4 sessions)

October TBA – Free for VAAA members

Hybrid (combination of video tutorial and virtual meetings)

Beginning with a tutorial, artists can follow directions* to start their Zoom accounts (and be capable of joining a meeting). The remainder of this virtual four-part workshop series will give beginners an overview of Zoom features and a quickstart experience.

Participants will learn basic Zoom skills such as how to get started, join, participate in meetings (chat, mute, use emojis, and create an invitation.

*The first session will be pre-recorded because participants may not have Zoom accounts or know how to join a meeting.

G Suite for Native Artists (4 sessions)

Virtual – Free for VAAA members

A total of four workshops* will provide participants with an overview of must-have skills for any professional artist. Instructions will be provided on how to utilize Google Search as well as G Suite tools such as Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms. Examples of how each tool can be used by artists will be shown. 

*This training includes a primer video teaching artists how to start a Google account before coming to the training.

Wrapping It Up for Holiday Sales

November TBA – Free for VAAA members

A sale doesn’t end the moment you make the transaction. The way you wrap your art represents your brand, your price point, and your vision for the future. When you simply place a necklace in a brown lunch bag or hand a painting over to a customer it leaves an impression on your customer. Show your customers you value your art as much as they do. In this session we will discuss and demonstrate low-cost wrapping techniques that show the value your art.

Send questions and comments to vera.sheehan@abenakiart.org