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Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation

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Trudy Ann (Call) Parkeris a well respected Elder in the Abenaki communityand the author of Aunt Sarah: Woman of the Dawnland, The book chronicles 108 years of an Abenaki Healing woman.  Trudy Ann is also the author of Big Snow Little Snow which is based on the
logging days of the Connecticut River.

“Proud to be of Aunt Sarah’s blood, Trudy Ann contracts for Teacher Workshops, Educational Seminars, and in addition, does many speaking engagements for genealogical, historical and other groups, telling about the culture and heritage of the Western Abenaki.

She is a history buff, who plays a guitar and lives in a log cabin on a road with no name with her husband Don, and a lazy cat, and a dog called Munchkin.

Is she going to write again? You bed she is; the next book will be all about Log Driving in the Connecticut River Valley.”



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Image of book cover Aunt Sarah Woman of the Dawnland
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Aunt  Sarah Book Review:

Image of book by Trudy Ann Parker.
Book is available for purchase on Amazon