In Memory…

This page is created to honor the Abenaki Artists who have crossed over and are walking with our Ancestors. We appreciate the legacy they have left and will remember them always.

Image of Suzanne Vermette.
Suzanne Vermette

Suzanne was a Native American educator, historian, story teller, fiber artist, bead worker and native house builder. She also gave speaking engagements, lectures and demonstrations at schools, colleges, museums and historic sites throughout the Northeast for almost twenty years.

Image of Billie Largy.
Billie Largy

Billie Largy was an Elder for the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki Nation. She was introduced to her culture at a very young age. Her father took her under his wing and made sure she understood the traditions of the Abenaki, specifically concentrating on that which is spiritual. She was a singer of traditional Abenaki songs, as well a drummer. 

Over many years, Billie learned to craft dreamcatchers that reflected not only her love of Mother Earth but also the essence of the prayers she offered while creating the dreamcatchers. Her dreamcatchers were made only with items made from natural elements from Mother Earth – no two were alike.