Hawk Longtoe

Elnu Abenaki Tribe

Juried Artist since 2019
Image of Hawk Longtoe.
Hawk Longtoe

Hawk Longtoe is a second-generation painter with a contemporary twist. He is apprenticing his grandfather John Sheehan, an Elnu Abenaki Tribe Elder with decades of experience as a professional oil painter. Although Hawk is young, he already shows extreme promise as an artist. Most of his education is experiential, but he looks forward to taking professional art classes in the future as the opportunities present themselves in order to grow further as an artist.

His art mirrors the idea of walking in two worlds; the busy, digital world in which he produces his art but in the natural world as well, where he takes most of his inspiration. With technology in his grasp, Hawk is able to capture, create and share so much more of the colorful world he sees. Additionally, he is apprenticing with his grandfather and mother to learn an ancient Abenaki textile weaving technique that uses plant fiber.

Artist Statement

I am a digital artist and photographer who started learning oil painting from my grandfather, John Sheehan, but I wasn’t really any good at it. My grandfather and mother kept encouraging me to keep painting. I also had an interest in learning photography for a long time, so when I was given a camera for my fifteenth birthday I got into photography. Then I started experimenting with digital art by using computer software, using the images in my photographs as a reference for my drawings.  I found it was a lot easier for me, and I could do a lot more with computer software than I could a paintbrush. I also found I could recreate the photos I’ve taken with intricate details and paint more extravagant landscapes than I previously thought possible. I have so much more control over my art.  I have access to any color of the rainbow, any tool, just at the click of a mouse button.

Although I was never good at painting with a paintbrush, I am still implementing many of the lessons my grandfather taught me when I was apprenticing under him as an oil painter. The specific style I use is inspired by my elementary and middle school art teacher, who painted in a similar fashion on canvas but in a different color palette. She used a more abstract fashion. However, most of my favorite things to paint have come from Central Park. In the park there are always vast landscapes and never-ending variety confined within a few dozen city blocks.


Email: abenaki@abenakiart.org


National Honor Society

Vermont Abenaki Artists Association