Elnu Abenaki Singers

Elnu Abenaki Tribe

Image of Elnu Abenaki Singers.
Elnu Abenaki Singers


For more than a decade, the Elnu Abenaki Singers have performed across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. They are invited to sing at events, museums, school, and historic sites They echo the voices of their ancestors, who have lived in N’dakinna (the land) for thousands of years.

The public has come to know the Elnu Singers through their repertoire of Wabanaki songs and chants; their signature Eastern style hand drums and rattles. With each new song comes an explanation of what it means and any historic information with may be related.

The Elnu Singers are of mixed ages. It includes men, women, and children.  They can perform in either modern or traditional clothing from any era from the early 17th century to contemporary.

Image of Roger Longtoe Sheehan singing and drumming.
Roger Longtoe Sheehan Drumming and Singing

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Roger Longtoe Sheehan

Email: gitceedadann@yahoo.com 

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Filmed in night vision at the Jamaica State Park archeological dig. The El-Nu Abenaki Tribe Singers led the public through a night of traditional story-telling and songs. Featured here is one of those songs and the protocol that surrounds it.

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Film by Lina Longtoe. Featured in the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s exhibit, “Contact of Cultures, 1609”.  For more information on the LCMM’s exhibit please.