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Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi

Image of Carol Billings McGranaghan
Carol Billings McGranaghan


Carol Billings McGranahan has served the community as a member of the Vermont Commission on Native America Affairs. She is also a culinary artist who follows the traditions of her grandmothers who taught her about wild edible plants. She uses this knowledge of regional edible plants  to create her one of a kind jams and jellies.

 Artist Statement

I was born and raised in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  My parents and grandparents taught me about plants, gardens, and “living off the land.”   My interest in plants really started with my paternal Grandmother showing me the different wild flowers and what they were for, which were edible and how to care for them so they could continue for generations.  Mom made chokecherry and apple jelly – the reason I started researching wild flowers and herbs to make my own products.  Each season brings yet more to find and more to learn about, which provides an ongoing learning experience.

I also do beadwork.  That interest was initiated at my other Grandmother’s knee. She showed me how to weave seed beads, string beads using patterns and colors to tell a story and how to use natural materials as beads. I have been selling my handmade beaded jewelry on Etsy for several years now.

I have participated in many panel discussions about Abenaki subjects, from wearing our heritage to women’s roles today, history of Abenaki survival and story telling. I teach my grandson about the plants and stories so he will have an understanding of Abenaki history, to be proud of it and to pass it on to others when he’s older. 

I was appointed to the Vermont Commission of Native Affairs in 2016. I was elected Vice-Chair in 2017 and Chair in 2018-2019.  I have worked closely with Carol Irons, another member of the Commission, to present and teach basic Abenaki history, culture and customs to both adults and students as part of the Abenaki Cultural Regeneration project. I welcome the opportunity to share this learning with others who are interested.



Etsy Store: Hidden Bear

Image of jar of Queen Anne's Lace jelly.
Queen Anne’s Lace jelly made by Carol

Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly

Image of Assorted Hidden Bear Treasures Jellies.
Assorted Hidden Bear Treasures Jellies


Image of necklaces made by Carol.
Necklaces made by Carol.

Speaking Engagements


Endangered Alphabets Abenaki Perspective, Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier VT.

Overview of Abenaki History and Culture, Proctor School, Proctor VT.

Abenaki Cultural Regeneration Camp, Northwoods Stewardship, Charleston VT.


Abenaki Cultural Regeneration Camp, Northwoods Stewardship, Charleston VT.

Abenaki Women on Culture and Leadership, Fletcher Library, Burlington VT.

Abenaki Stories and Drumming, Button Bay Campground, Ferrisburg VT.

Overview of Abenaki History and Culture, Whitingham Middle School, Whitingham VT


Wearing Our Heritage Panel Discussion, Shelburne Library, Shelburne VT.


Friends of the Vermont Statehouse, Panel member 

Abenaki Cultural Regeneration Project, Co-leader

Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, member since 2017

Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs member since 2016. Vice Chair 2017, Chair 2018 – present